Teacher Maria

Kidz Meadow Childcare @ Jurong West

Teacher Maria
10 May 2021

We are Environmentally Friendly (3Rs): DIY Paper

The K2 kids had an awesome experience of making their own paper using old magazines. It took us days to accomplish everything but overall it was worth it because the children learned and experience something new.

Here are the steps on how we made our own paper using recyclable materials:

  1. We used old magazines and tear one spread of paper
  1. We tear the paper into tiny pieces and place it on a bowl
  1. Then, we add water to mix it with the paper. After this, we had to wait for quite some time and leave the tiny pieces of paper be soaked in water.
  1. We pulp the paper thoroughly before squeezing the  excess water. 
  1. We flattened and form the paper depending on how the children wants it to look like
  1. We waited for another day to let our newly made paper to dry. Once it was ready, the children wrote their message for the earth. 

This activity has shown the children’s appreciation and gratitude towards earth. Although the process took us days to totally accomplish everything, the children did not complain and all throughout, they were excited to be engaged on this activity.

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