Cikgu Siti

Kidz Meadow Childcare @ Jurong West

Cikgu Siti
1 Jul 2020

We are Environmentally-Friendly(3Rs): N2B's Launch Party 2020

We had our SSDB Launch Party with the N2B children! After 2 months of being away from their teachers and friends, the children were all excited to be back in school. The children were introduced to the SSDB project on thw theme of ’We are Environmentally Friendly’, which aims to promote an awareness to reduce, reuse and recycle (3Rs).

We introduced to children what the 3Rs are all about and we explored the concept of ‘recycling’. Children were able to identify the materials that can be recycled and those that cannot be recycled. Watch them in action on how they sorted the recyclables!

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