Nur Adilah Binte Abdullah

(INACTIVE) PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Punggol Shore Blk 172B (CC)

Nur Adilah Binte Abdullah
6 Oct 2020

Water Smater!

This year, our K1 and K2 children embarked on a journey to learn about water conservation. We kickstart it by sharing the water saving tips.  The children drew water saving poster that they can do at home. 

“We need to save water by using a cup when we brush our teeth.”

“I need to save water because if I don’t save water, there will be no water for us to drink.”

The children also wrote down their pledge to save water on the pledge card.

“I plege to save water by using a mug to brush my teeth.”

“I pledge to save water by taking shorter shower.”

The children also made bookmarks which included water saving tips to be distributed to the community. 

“We are very excited to share with people on how to save water.”

The children placed the bookmarks and water saving tips inside their bags and were ready to share with the community on what they have learnt. The children were enthusiastic to pass on their knowledge to others. 

“I hope that they like the bookmarks that we made.”

“I hope that the people will help to save water like me too!”

They used the reflection journal to record down their journey in learning about water conservation. 

Creating awareness in water conservation is important and it’s never too early to start at a young age. The children understand the importance of saving water and it was a meaningful and enriching experience for them. 

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