Star Learners @ Hougang

Star Learners @ Hougang

Star Learners @ Hougang
13 Oct

Water: Essential to our body

“Water” is essential to our body and it keeps us hydrated to stay healthy. The children were reinforced learning about the “Healthy Plate” - the easy-to-understand guide for creating balanced and healthy meals as well as highlighting the importance of water to the body.

They classified the foods into 3 different groups such as “Brown rice & whole meal bread”, “Meat & Others”, and “Fruits & Vegetables”. This activity helped them to understand and make healthy food choices.

The children learnt the importance of drinking water and it encouraged them to drink more. It is best for quenching thirst and keeps our body hydrated.

They also discussed and shared their thoughts about the things that they can do to keep themselves HEALTHY!

They also shared ideas on having a healthy lifestyle including making the right choices for beverages.

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