Neelima Rai

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Ulu Pandan Blk 15 (CC)

Neelima Rai
17 Jun

Water Conservation @ Ulu Pandan Blk 15

2021 has yet been another challenging year for all of us. With the pandemic still around us, we should not forget about the resources that we get on this Earth. A simple example is our ‘Water’.

When children are educated to save and use water economically, they can help reduce water wastage now and in the future. They will be able to do more number of daily activities with less amount of water and these good habits will become a way of life for them.

This year the SSDB Project is led by our Senior Teacher - Wong Sin Yee. She started the project on 3rd June 2021. All the teachers created their own lesson plans and conducted various age-appropriate activities in their classrooms.

Here are some ways that our children from Toddler to K2 showed theur understanding of water conservation.


Activity: Child is removing waste from the sea.

Activity: Children engage in pretend play by using less water to wash dishes.

Activity: Children are encoraged to spot the waste & save the sea creatures.

Nursery 1:

Activity: Children learn about the Water Cycle.

Activity: Children learnt about water absoprtion through squeezing sponge, just like how clouds store the water (condensation) and rain comes down(precipitation).

Nursery 2:

Activity: Children used water bottles to wash their hands.

Activity: Children learn about water conservation

Kindergarten 1:

Activity: Teacher is reading “Save Terry” storybook.

Activity: Children creating Water Cycle on paper plate

Kindergarten 2:

Activity: Child is experimenting a water cycle experiment.

Activity: Children learn about water song.

Activity: Children suggested ways of using water at home and in school. They wrote down and illustrated their ideas.

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