Rebecca Chang Yu Ting

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Toa Payoh East Blk 247 (cc)

Rebecca Chang Yu Ting
9 Jun 2017

Visit to SPD

The time has finally come for our 6 year old children to visit… SPD at Toa Payoh! We have also invited the N2s and K1s to join us on this special project! Lets go!

It’s a rainy day but look at our excitement getting ready to set off!

We can’t wait to share our love and care to the elderly through our performance!

What a warm welcome we had from the elderly- so many smiles and a big round of applause!

How comforting that felt! Our teacher then introuduced us to the elderly and we got ready to perform!

Here comes our first performance- Singapore Town

And our next song- 童谣

The K1s and N2s also performed two songs- Skidamarink and 三轮车

It was amazing! Some of the elderly followed our actions and sang with us! After finishing our performance, it was time to distribute the biscuit that was donated by our parents!

爷爷奶奶这是我们的一份小小心意- 全麦饼干请收下!

“Shall we shake hands?” Asked a friendly grandpa


The elderly made something specially for us too- Lotus balloons! We were elated and extremely touched with the little gift that they prepared for us!

This is one of the beautiful lotus balloon made by the Grandpa and Grandma

“Is this for me?”

We hope we made their day!

Look at Grandpa and Grandma! All smiles on their faces…

Before we say goodbye… say CHEESE!

Last but not least, we came together for a group shot… See you next month!

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