Lim Yu Ru (Zen)

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Lim Yu Ru (Zen)
3 Jul 2017

Visit to Comnet Senior Services Centre

The K1 and K2 children visited the Comnet Senior Services Centre run by AMKFSC on the 29th June 2017. Although it was a short 2 hours, it was a very meaningful time for the kids and adults. During the event, we felt welcomed by the seniors and seeing their smiles when interacting with the kids was a reward enough for us.

To kick off the event, the children did a simple exercise with the elderly as a warm-up activity followed by some song performances to entertain them. After that, we played a game of BINGO with the children paired up with the elderly to guide them with the game. Next, the children and parent volunteers manned the activity booths which they have set up for the event. Last but not the least, the elderly received their goodie bags upon completing the games.

Bingo!!! Aunty won a prize!!!

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