Mitzi Cheah Ying

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Ayer Rajah-Gek Poh Blk 48 (DS)

Mitzi Cheah Ying
6 Jul

Veggies For Thoughts

A collaboration with innovation grant project ! 

Our theme for this year is “Stay Connected, Make a difference”. Hence, we have decided to give back to the community by planting our own vegetables to give them. This is a collaboration between SSDB and the Innovation Grant project. 

The children were introduced to the idea of this project which is to plant vegetables and harvest them in time for the unmanned pantry to give back to the community. 

Children were given the opportunity to plant their own vegetables with the guidance of their class teachers. 

The younger children were involved in decorating pacakaging for the harvested vegetables. 

Finally , the unmanned pantry is open for the people in the community to come and enjoy vegetables grown by the children of our centre. 

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