Adrina Tan Quee Geok

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Toa Payoh Central Blk 97 (kn)

Adrina Tan Quee Geok
7 Aug 2018

Values: Respect, Good Manners & Kindness

Character is the real foundation of all worthwhile success. – John Hays Hammond

Our teachers unanimously agree that ‘character is the main foundation of all worthwhile success!’ We desire for our children to develop character traits such as respect, good manners and kindness. Hence, for our SSDB Project 2018, the teachers set out to raise children’s awareness of these character building traits. In the process, we hope that each child will develop the trait discussed for the respective level and become a better person.

All children, parents and teachers were happy to be part of the SSDB Virtual Party organised by LittleLives on 6 April 2018. Together, we kicked start the launch with a livestream at our Centre!

In addition to this, the Nursery children were taught to show respect for teachers, friends as well as family through their daily activities.

K1 children learnt to inculcate good manners like saying “Please” & “Thank You” during daily routines and activities. Parents were involved to nurture these traits at home.

The K2 children discussed and shared their thoughts on ‘What is Kindness?’

They understood the various acts of kindness as they wrote, “I can care”, “Be Patient” or “I can share” on their star cards.

They made efforts to show kindness to teachers and friends in school.

At home, children practiced acts of kindness towards parents, siblings, grandparents and helpers. Parents captured these acts on pictures to reflect children’s kind behaviours.

Children made ‘hearts craft’ to create a picture of flowers. The picture was presented as a gift to the Elderly at the Senior Care Centre.

Our kind parents donated food items (rice, biscuit, milo, coffee, tea, noodles packs) generously to bless the Elderly.

A total of 19 boxes were collected by Silver Circle Senior Care Centre.

Our K2 children visited the Elderly at the Senior Care Centre on 27 July 2018. Children brought much joy through their interaction with the elderly. Each elderly received a towel gift pack and enjoyed the two songs performed by them.

It is heartwarming to see the children showing respect, good manners and kindness towards the elderly at the Centre.

As we say goodbye to grandpas and grandmas, we were filled with a valuable lesson of “Kindness warms my heart”.

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