Janice Wong

Pat's Schoolhouse @ Jubilee Park (JP)

Janice Wong
30 Jul 2019

Ugly Food is Beautiful

Food waste comes in many forms and unsold groceries is one of them. We collaborated with Ugly Food who came down to our school to educate us about, well, ugly foods! These fruits can still be eaten but they get thrown away because of their appearances. Be it a bruised banana or a wonky carrot, they are actually still edible! We learn how to identify the edible fruits from the real rotten ones. We also get to know how Ugly Food helps to minimize food waste by rescuing these foods to resell them! We even cut open on of the ugly fruits to try! What a waste should it have ended up in our bins!

The K2s made a trip to SUTD where Ugly Food held a weekly public bazaar. It was interesting to see them in action. We also brought some money with us to help rescue these fruits.

To help spread awareness about food waste, we decided to hold a bazaar of our own. Purchasing food from Ugly Food, we decided on the items we will like to buy and the prices for the items. 

We set up shop at our main door and sold many of these unbought groceries to parents of the school. We were sold out for two days!! 

As they learned about food waste and purchased rescued fruits, they are also donating the profits of the sales to the Children’s Cancer Foundation and President’s Challenge. It was a very meaningful June Holiday for us! 

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