Tricia Chen

TwinkleKidz Playhouse Pte Ltd

Tricia Chen
29 Jun 2021

TwinkleKidz Playhouse Launch Party (WWD and Beach Clean-Up)


We launched World Water Month last March to commemorate the World Water Day festivity, where children participated with zest and enthusiasm!

During the celebration, children listened to the story of “The Adventures of Water Wally and Sally: Saving Caleb”. We also worked on a water filtration experiment to teach the children about water pollution and clean water.

Then, children collaborated to design posters that will remind the community to become aware of the importance of water. They even distributed their handmade poster to the nearby canteen beside our school. The vendors and the hawker owners were very positive about our cause and accepted the posters warmly.

This celebration was truly memorable for the children as they became the instrument to make a difference in their community. They proved that age is not a hindrance to do good and giving back to the community!


In line with our SSDB Project, our K1 and K2 had a beach clean-up activity in partnership with the East Coast Beach last 20 April 2021. Beach Clean-Up is a great way to help keep our beaches healthy, safe and clean. By picking up the trash that ends up at our shores, we protect the ocean and marine animals from harm.

It was our first time doing this with the children, and they were very excited about their task to find trash. The beach was surprisingly clean, but they found litter to take up from the beach, like papers, plastic, bottle lids, styrofoam, and water bottles hiding among the sand and grass. The children did feel like they were helping, leaving it a bit cleaner than when we arrived.

Through this activity, we are helping our children to be environmentally friendly. They are doing their part to make our community clean and green by picking up litter. This simple act can make a big difference in the environment. Indeed, this meaningful activity has taught our children the values of protecting our Earth.


When you care for someone, you make a difference in the world with kindness. This is what our school believes in and we want to impart this to our children. Thus, joining SSDB gives us the platform to become the channel of blessings to others and amplifies our cause.

We believe that caring for others is wonderful and noble and we desire to instill this in our children - the importance of empathy as we embark on our SSDB project.

On 7th April 2021, our school launched the SSDB project in which we focus on Caring for our Community: UPCYCLING AND APPRECIATING OUR UNSUNG HEROES. Among all the essential workers, bus captains are at equally high risk as healthcare workers in contracting COVID-19. However, they seem to be the least appreciated during this pandemic. We want to show our appreciation and encourage the bus captains for their roles in providing passengers with a safe journey on public transports during the pandemic regardless of rain or shine!

Our K1 and K2 children spearheaded the activity. We had our parents to join us for our launch party through zoom! During the launch party, we presented our project on raising funds for our cause to the parents. They were very positive and had shown their interest to become part of this journey. We also enjoyed an interactive online quiz with our parents using the AHA Slides website. The competition was intense and children were very supportive of their parents as they cheered them on endlessly!

The launch party was indeed a success because of the participation and support of our parents, children and teachers. Together in our own small way, we will make a difference by giving back to our community.

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