Siti Salmi Binte Sumri

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Kembangan-Chai Chee Blk 32 (CC)

Siti Salmi Binte Sumri
18 May 2019

Trip to Eco Kampung Carnival

Putting on the orange hat, the children set out to Garden by the Bay on Friday, 26th April 2019 to take part in Eco Kampung Carnival. The children were excited as they looked forward to participate in hands on activity and learned more on what Singapore has done to be sustainable.

While waiting for the designated session, the children were introduced to Singapore’s culture through the different spizes. The children got opportunity to smell and feel the spizes.

The first activity that the children were engaged on was called Garden in the Dish. The children planted their own mini potted plant using recyclable plastic bottle as the pot. They learned that the plant that was used was called air plant and that it has strong sustainablity to survive as it simply get the nutrients to grow from air.

Sadly it was raining heavily that day thus the Heritage trail was canceled. Another activity, Curious Garden was replaced. In this session, the children participated in story-telling about a boy who make a difference to his world by starting out to plant a small greenery which then grow into a larger scale. The children learned that by doing something small they could actually lead into something bigger and play a part in the conservation of the earth. The children then wrote and draw what they want their own world to be liked.

The Eco Kampung Carnival had been an informative journey for the children. The children learned more about being sustainable and what they could do for the environment.

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