1 Aug

Together We Can: I am a child, but I can still do my part

In January 2020, our K1 and K2 children had begun learning about the Coronavirus (COVID-19). The class teachers had shared news articles and videos to the children during the Current Issue sessions and had gathered children’s responses through Question and Answer, drawings and writing their insights about the Coronavirus. The teachers gathered the information and decided that our little children could make a difference with their contribution to spread their knowledge and to give support to the frontline workers.

In relation to this, the K1 and K2 children were tasked to create and design posters on the precautionary measures they knew that needed to be taken to avoid getting COVID-19.

The children were encouraged and appreciative of the sacrifice and effort given by the frontliners. They brought back the message to their family. Soon, parents and children were involved in writing their “Thank You” messages to the frontliners. Together, the children put up the flower petals with heartwarming messages to be delivered to the frontline workers. 

To show their appreciation and gratitude towards the frontliners, they also sang the “Fight Song” to encourage and motivate them for their tireless efforts in this difficult time. 

Finally on 29 July, the Principal, Ms Helen Goh and Tr Ashley met Dr Eileen Liew at KK Hospital to bring our special gifts to the frontliners. 

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