Kelly Chua

Appleland Playhouse

Kelly Chua
3 Aug 2020

Thank You Card For The Community - Being Kind and Polite

Receiving two simple yet powerful words “Thank you” makes people feel appreciated. To enforce this act of kindness and politeness we are encouraging our Kindergarten One children to give thanks to people around us to let them know that we appreciate them.

Last week’s challenge was for our students to brainstorm and think about how they would like to say “Thank you” to the community. They were tasked to draw a card for different people of different occupation and thank them for what they do.

Before drawing the card, they were taught how important everyone’s jobs are in keeping us safe, our area clean or making our lives more efficient. They learned that without them, no one would be doing the tasks for us and we would have to do it ourselves.

Take a look at the lovely cards and the thank you message they had thought of by themselves. Well done K1 children!

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