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Ms Nur Radiah Binte Saadon
9 Dec 2023

Tetra Pak Carton Recycling

Title: Tetra Pak – Carton Recycling

Date: 16th July 2021

Class: K1 and K2

Brief Introduction:

In conjunction with the project with Tetra Pak, a sharing session has taken in place to provide exposure and educate children on the importance of recycling carton beverages. Children were shown articles of the worrying situation that Singapore will be facing in the year 2035, where Semakau Landfill will be filled to the brim. Thus, through this project, we hope that children can learn and impart the knowledge to their family at home too.


  • To create awareness of the benefits of recycling beverage cartons.

  • Nurture a sustainable habit of recycling beverage carton.

  • Increase recycling rates.


  1. Teacher Radiah began the sharing by introducing the title to the children.

  2. She started going through the objectives of the sharing and showed articles to justify on the importance of recycling such as overburdened landfill and preventing air and land pollution.

  3. After that, she showed a video about recycling. Through this video, children were able to show their understanding by answering teacher’s question. For example, Sophia K2 was able to say, ‘The recyclable items can turn into other things such as making a new water bottle.’

  4. Following that, Teacher Radiah showed three different types of bins which were garbage bin, recycling bin and the Tetra Pak recycling bin. Teacher Radiah explained to children about the purpose of the different types of bins.

  5. Next, Teacher Radiah explained that the Tetra Pak recycling bin is solely for disposing washed carton beverages only.

  6. Afterwards, she demonstrated to children on how to fold the carton beverage before disposing it into the bin by following the flip, flap, flat and fold technique. Children were reminded that they need to wash and dry the carton beverages first before disposing to avoid any contamination.

  7. Then, children were shown various upcycling activities that they can do with carton beverages such as making a basket or a pouch.

  8. Children were encouraged to bring used carton beverages which have been washed and dried from home for them to participate in the folding of carton beverages session with their peers.

  9. When children has brought the empty carton beverages to school, they were guided on how to fold it using the 4 steps and dispose it in the Tetra Pak recycling bin.


Before the end of the session, class teachers conducted reflection with children by asking children what they had learned through the session and shared their opinion. They also encouraged children to share with family members.

Tetra Pak Sharing on 16th July 2021

Let’s go green and recycle!

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