Samantha Chionh

Little Mighty Me

Samantha Chionh
30 Jul 2018

Starting our learning journey towards a better future

Food wastage is a challenge that most childcare centre face. To build that sense of awareness for food wastage, we invited representatives from Singapore Foodbank to share with us the importance of food and the effects of food wastage to our environment.


So do you know how much food is wasted in Singapore?

That was the question posted to the children. Hands were raised and answers were thrown out. However, the number revealed was shocking. The numbers probably made more sense to the teachers but the children were enticed by the presentation. They sat through the info sharing session and shared their thoughts too.

It was definitely a rewarding experience for children ages 4 to 6. Surprisingly, the younger ones were able to understand and even recall the information shared after. This shows how impactful food wastage is to us!

Up next, the kinder children will be doing their part in spreading awareness and volunteering their services. Stay tune!

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