Jamilah Binte Pungot

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Geylang Serai Blk 11 (KN)

Jamilah Binte Pungot
23 Aug 2017

START SMALL DREAM BIG -Kindness Project 2017

This project aims to encourage children to perform kind acts and show their appreciation for others.

Kindness day project may be one day in a year but kindness is in us everyday.

Kindness Day School Event

Story and clips explaining to the children how they can show act of kindness in daily lives and modelling the correct way of giving their tokens of appreciation to the community and engage in small talks. 

  • Sharing and Caring

To create act of kindness, N1 and Nursery children made paper flower, where else k2 made book mark or door sign with phrases written on it.

The children and teachers walk around the school vicinity to give away the craft work done by the children and a pen to the residents. Children greeted the residents and engaged in small talks.

  • Love and Care for the Community

Collaboration with SBS Transitlink

The K2 children made posters with messages of gratitude to give to SBS Transit staff to thank them for their dedicated service at Eunos Bus Interchange.

  • Artwork for a Cause

Nursery children created 2D and 3D artwork about pets

K1 children created artwork using varieties of tools and techniques to express their creative ideas and feelings without teacher influencing their decisions.

K2’s 3D artwork of sea and air transport

Children uses crayons to draw and colour a design on white paper that is painted to make batiks.

  • Start Small Dream Big Closure

National Day Celebration 2017 cum Kindness Day Closure

Children’s exclusive art in exchange of canned food

  • Gifts from SSDB (Kindness Project)

Ain Society @ Blk 2 Eunos Crescent, #01-2545,Singapore 400002

The organization provides moral, emotional, social and financial support to cancer patients/ survivors, their family members and caregivers to improve their quality of life in terms of physical and mental health, education, recreation and social belonging.

It is a great way to help those in need and their family. Kindness in us, let’s share! Joy of sharing and giving!

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