Gorrero Hermie Grace Tomagan

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Kebun Baru Blk 172 (CC)

Gorrero Hermie Grace Tomagan
7 Apr 2020

Start Small Dream Big Finale Cum Book Launch “Endangered Animals: Be Kind To Every Kind”

It has been a journey when our centre, PCF Sparkletots Kebun Baru @ Blk 172 kickstarted our project “Endangered Animals, Be Kind to Every Kind” last April 2019. This Start Small Dream Big project enable children to explore and understand the world around them better.

Activities such as learning journey to Singapore Zoo and River Safari as well as the clean-up drive at East Coast Park embarked a very authentic experience to the children which hone their love and care for the animals more.

On the 2nd of October, the day has finally come. We had our SSDB Finale cum Book Launch. Children spent days making and preparing different books and artworks about endangered animals. They brought it to life through a tableau presentation. This showcased their talents in acting. The book was a group effort as the children wrote it and drawn it by themselves.

(Book written and illustrated by the Kinder Class)

They also made a pledge book and a journal about their SSDB journey.

(Class Journal and Pledge Book)

These are the artworks made by the students.

The joyous event rounded up the SSDB project together with the help of our principal, Ms Hayati, all the teachers and supportive parents. Surely it has been a meaningful journey for all of us.

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