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MindChamps @Yio Chu Kang
13 Jul

Start Small Dream Big 2020 MindChamps @ Yio Chu Kang - Learning About COVID-19/ Staying COVID-safe

Since the beginning of the year, the Champs had begun to know about the world pandemic, COVID-19. COVID-19 was the topic of discussion among our K1 Champs. Seeing their interest in this topic and the urgency to educate the Champs, our teachers took this further by using a COVID-19 storybook as provocation for our enquiry theme. Before the story, the Teachers asked the Champs what the coronavirus is about. The Champs brainstormed and shared their prior knowledge about coronavirus. The teachers also used mind mapping as an engagement strategy and scaffolded their learning of this topic.

After the storytelling, the K1 Champs learnt and understood more about the virus, such as how it spreads and its symptoms.

The Teachers asked the Champs to suggest ways to stay safe. Some shared that they could use a poster to remind each other about the COVID-safe measures. The Champs engaged in critical thinking, discussed ideas and collaborated to design a poster that showed ways on how they could protect themselves from the virus. Some of the ways that they highlighted were practising safe-distancing, complying with the eight steps for proper hand washing techniques, exercising and eating heathily.

The Champs were proud of their posters. Good job, Champs for the team work and showing us how to stay safe from COVID-19! We are never too young to “Start Small Dream Big”.

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