Star Learners @ Woodlands Circle

Star Learners @ Woodlands Circle

Star Learners @ Woodlands Circle
31 Aug 2018

Star Learners @ Woodlands Circle : Eco-Heroes Go to Class!

Resources have always been a challenge in the classroom. Why not reuse and recycle?

Our Eco-heroes brought their recycling powers to class! Being the creative creatures they are, they transformed simple recycled materials into amazing things! They presented their masterpiece with pride and enthusiasm, as they told u how did they came up with the ideas, what materials that they have used, etc. The teachers were in awed! 

When we thought the children were awesome, the parents were even amazing!!!! We requested the parents to make animals’ habitats out of shoeboxes at home and they suprised us totally. 

Despite not using expensive commercial resources, the children met the learning objectives anyway. It enriches our curriculum and opens up new perspective for the children. This learning journey has enabled our children to be confident, creative with character. Truly bringing our Star Learners’ mission alive!

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