Star Learners @ Woodlands Circle

Star Learners @ Woodlands Circle

Star Learners @ Woodlands Circle
31 Aug 2018

Star Learners @ Woodlands Circle : Green Fundraising Carnival

It’s a wrap! On 18 June 2018, we had the showcase of our Star Project which is also the finale of Start Small Dream Big. We celebrated the people who helped us in waste management such as the karung guni, cardboard collectors and town councils cleaners. The children hand made “Thank you” cards to be presented to them and other recycling heroes such as Veolia, SG Kindred Garden, etc!

To further support their cause, we used recycled materials to create fun games and surprise bags. We sold recycled bags to promote using less plastic bags and there’s also a panda cafe to spread the message on how inappropriate waste could harm wildlife. Lastly there’s a recycling point that we set up in school to encourage parents in recycling too.

With almost 3 months of planning, the event that we envisioned came true! Parents, children, neighbours, people of young and old joined us for the carnival.

We had tons of fun! Most importantly, parents feedback that the children were still continuing their recycling efforts even when the whole event has ended. We sincerely hope that this awareness and good habit will follpw the children even till they grow old! On a side note, we have raised close to $200 from the carnival and we have donated it to The Straits Time’s Pocket Money Fund.

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