E-Bridge Pre-School (116 Rivervale Drive)

11 Oct

SSDB-Spreading Kindness Through Me (Updates)

The children were introduced to the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped (SAVH). We had a zoom session with Mr Kwek Bin, the staff from SAVH to give children a better understanding of people who are visually handicap. He also shared with children how he lead his everyday life and how he can do his work using the laptop even though he is blind. Children learnt that all visually handicap person relies a lot on their hearing to hear from either audio laptop or phones and even hear the environment to know where they are going.

From this understanding, the children explored different activities while being blindfolded to experience how it feels to be blind and how a blind person walks around from one place to another. The children also did abstract painting while being blindfolded. Through this experiences, they shared and understood that it is hard to be blind as they don’t know where to go and what they are holding. Often they need help from other friends to guide them or to hold their hands to lead them to a specific object.

Finally, the children from E-bridge Rivervale 116 put up an Art Sale to raise funds for the SAVH. From the funds collected, we purchased care packs which consisted of Toothpaste and toothbrush set, hand sanitizer and disposable masks. The children of K1A will be helping to pack the care packs before sending it to the SAVH.

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