Teacher Thoyy

Bright Kids @ 175D Punggol Field

Teacher Thoyy
4 Jul

SSDB: Shell Squad - Save the Sea Turtles

This June, the children from N2-K2 of Bright Kids School House (Punggol 175D) kickstarted their project by exploring the topic of sea turtles and the significance of conserving them. 

We invited parents to our Launch Party where they gained insights about the purpose of our project. They learned that the sea turtle population is drastically depleting and that our local Live Turtle Museum was on the verge of closing down, requiring them to relocate themselves.

They then proceeded to join their children in crafting sea turtle artworks in their respective classes together! 

With the help of our teachers, these individual crafts were assembled into a large wind chime. As a culmination of our efforts, we gifted this wind chime to the Live Turtle Museum during our field trip there to decorate their new place!

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