Nurdiyanah Binte Abdul Saini

My First Skool @ Bedok North Blk 419

Nurdiyanah Binte Abdul Saini
3 Apr 2020

SSDB: Our Family History

In conjunction with the Start Small Dream Big project, the K2 children were tasked to create a photobook together with their parents. The photobook consists of pictures throughout the different generations. This activity helped the children understand their family better and how life looked like in the past.

As the activity took place at home, children, parents and grandparents can foster a stronger bond as they are part-taking in the child’s learning. Parents can also take this time to educate their children on how to appreciate what they have now and how life was different in the past, by showing them pictures from previous generations.

In conclusion, children were able to understand that their parents were once young like them and that life was not as fast-paced as it is now. Children were also able to share with their peers on how they made the photobook and what their parents shared with them regarding each picture.

  • By Teacher Nicole, K2 English Teacher

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