Nur Syahira Binte Sheikh Abdul Feroz

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Bukit Gombak Blk 535 (DS)

Nur Syahira Binte Sheikh Abdul Feroz
12 May 2020

SSDB Mother's Day cum Kindness Day Event

On 11 May 2018, we held our Mothers’ Day Carnival and visited the residents at Ren Ci @ Bukit Batok St. 52. The mothers were invited to the school and each child was given an SSDB hat and ambassador sticker. Some of the grandmothers attended too. We kicked off the event by having the children perform for their mothers. They danced and sang to ‘Inside My Heart’, ‘You are my Sunshine’ and ‘I Love You’. We ended the performance by saying, “I love you Mummy. Happy Mothers’ Day!” The children were happy that they were able to express their love and appreciation for their mothers.

After the performance, the children brought their mothers and grandmothers around to the booths in the Mothers’ Day carnival. For the booths, we had were popcorn, decorated cracker, flower making, hand massage, photo booth and making a pledge to kindness and folding the pledge papers into a paper heart.

At 10.45am, we left the centre and walked over to Ren Ci @ Bukit Batok St. 52, which is only a five minutes’ walk away from our centre. We brought our speakers and cupcakes along. When we arrived, the staff at Ren Ci Nursing Home brought us to the lobby where we performed for the female residents and then distributed the cupcakes to them. From here on, we then split into 2 groups. The K1 and K2 children, proceeded to perform in another ward and distribute cupcakes while the Toddlers, Nursery 1 and Nursery 2 children distributed cupcakes in another ward. Each resident was given one cupcake each and we distributed a total of 125 cupcakes! Lots of smiles were seen on the elderly faces and the children enjoyed themselves.

After all the cupcakes have been given out, we thanked the staff for allowing us to visit and bringing us around and took a photo at the entrance of the hospital.

While the visit was only a day, it was heartwarming seeing how these children have extended their kindness and touched many lives. Thank you to the staff of Ren Ci @ Bukit Batok St. 52 and mothers and grandmothers who have supported us in this project! We will look forward to our next collaboration with Ren Ci @ Bukit Batok St. 52!

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