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MindChamps @Yio Chu Kang
10 Jun

SSDB Launch Party with K1 Champs

After a term of discovering the world of pets, Champs have finally launched their SSDB Project on Responsible Pet Ownership. Champs discussed and set the objectives of their project such as to showcase meaningful ways of taking care of pets, to educate Champs from other class levels about pet ownership, and to raise funds for a pet/animal charity in Singapore.

They proudly wore their SSDB hats while kick-starting their project through a party! Each Champ was given an opportunity to share and illustrate his/her favourite pet. The most popular pets that were illustrated were cats, dogs, rabbits, fish, guinea pigs, and hamsters. Champs defined responsible pet ownership as “looking after your pet and giving it all the care and love that you can offer.” 

To conclude their launch party, Champs checked out the Resource Package and assembled their keychains together. They also took photos with their illustrations as their background to document this remarkable day! Stay tuned for more updates!

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