Samantha Chow Yun Hui

My First Skool @ Jurong West Blk 409

Samantha Chow Yun Hui
28 Nov 2018

SSDB Launch Party in April

In conjunction with Earth Day, My First Skool - JW3 organised the SSDB launch party on 19th April 2018, together with Earth Day celebration. Our theme this year is 3Rs sales for the elderly. The children and parents were asked to bring specific recyclable materials and dropped it in the school recycling bins. The children will use these materials to make a craft work for sale for charity. The funds collected will be donated to our beneficiary.

During the launch, the children watched a short clip on SSDB. There was an introduction of SSDB and a quiz session. It was explained to the children what are the things the children can bring and what should they do before putting the plastic bottles in the bin. Children from each class was volunteered to demonstrate how they recycle the various materials.

Through this event, the children became more aware of what is happening around the world and how they can protect and contribute to taking care the mother earth. No one can do everything but everyone can do something.

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