Nur Farmiela

E-Bridge Pre-School (670)

Nur Farmiela
31 Jul

SSDB Launch Party @ E-Bridge 670 - Caring, Loving, Sharing!

E-Bridge 670 Edgefield Plains are proud to be part of the Start Small Dream Big project this year. During the launch party on 15 April 2019, our K2 children were introduced to the project that they will be embarking. During the presentation, the teachers explained to them the different experiences that they will be getting through this project which are interrelate to our title - “Caring, Loving, Sharing”! Apart from that, they were given goodie bags which include the SSDB hat, reflective journal stickers and more.

After the presentation, we had a photo taking session to commemorate the event and had a fun-filled snacks during their teatime. Once they were done with their party, they started their pledges on the SSDB star to pledge their good deed plans.

As this project is ongoing, they will continuously engage in experiences that are related to this project on Fridays, which is our Current Issues Day. The children are definitely excited about the upcoming projects and we will be inviting parents to contribute their part in this wonderful journey! 🍀💜🤝

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