Nur Liyana Bte Abdul Jalil

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse @ Novena Pte Ltd

Nur Liyana Bte Abdul Jalil
20 Apr 2018

SSDB Launch Party Activity

The children from Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse@Novena were excited for the SSDB Launch Party event.

The children from Nursery to Kindergarten 2 were involved in the SSDB Launch Party. The teacher in charge of the event gave a short introduction of the SSDB and the objectives of the project to the children.

The K2 children have chosen the theme on gardening as to create an awareness to take care of the living things around them and love of plants and trees.

After the introduction, the children created ‘Dirt Cup’ using chocolate cakes, gummy worms and parsley leaves. The children created their ‘Dirt Cup’ witg care as if they were handling the real soil and worms and transfer it in a ‘pot’.

After creating their ‘Dirt Cup’, they proceed to the garden in the centre and launched the SSDB event by digging the soil. The K1 and K2 created SSDB posters and the entire Nursery to K2 children gathered together at the outdoor area to take a group photo and video with their SSDB posters. They shouted “SSDB, WE CAN DO IT!

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