My First Skool @ Pasir Ris Blk 234/ 487/ 486

23 Aug 2021

SSDB Launch Party

On 6th August 2021,

The children celebrated Singapore National Day and we did SSDB launch party!

We first started off with our morning message where the children read the words on the board - introducing the events that they will be celebrating. The children recalled and shared about the community helpers and their job scope.

The teacher then read the book “Virus in Kindsville” by Singapore Kindness Movement and did some discussion before the children took part in the SSDB Booklet - “Together: Our Singapore Spirit”. The children recalled the places they have been to, the food they enjoy eating and drew what they love about Singapore.

The teacher then went through the National Day / SSDB Launch Party slides before playing a heartfelt video by Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) - Singapore stands by you and shared how important it is for everyone to come together and to help one another.

We then did some singing and dancing to the National Day songs while waving our Singapore flag craft to end our Launch Party/Celebration.

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