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Teacher Karen
3 May

SSDB Launch Party 2021 - Kindness is a gift that anyone can give

Every term this year, our school celebrates kindness to ourselves, our family and friends, animals and even the environment.

And because of this, our school decided to work on Kindness for Start Small, Dream Big project this year. But this time, it’s gonna be more special because we will learn more about extending our kindness even to those who we do not know and most especially to people with disabilities. I don’t understand what it means yet, but my teacher said we will all find out together. I guess people with disabilities have superpowers. But do they need my help? Or maybe, I need their help to learn more about kindness. What do you think? Oh well, I can’t wait to learn more about it.

For our launch party, our teacher prepared a lot of varied activities. Read up and enjoy! Kindergarten 2

The kindergarten 2 class read the book about “”Have you ever filled up a bucket today?” and based from the story, a bucket relay was played to develop children’s understanding of how an extra hand always gives more difference, and through this, they fill someone’s bucket and their buckets gets filled.

The K2 Class started filling up the Kindness Tree (SSDB pledge) of all their ideas on how to show kindness on their own little ways.

Kindergarten 1

The Kindergarten 1 class had a modified relay wherein one child was blindfolded while one was guiding them to walk through the relay with an aid of an egg shaker. This activity has helped the children to understand how it feels not seeing the pathway and how it feels when they help a friend.

The children also made a Kindness pinwheel to encourage them to spread their kindness through it!

Nursery 2

The Nursery 2 children played “Through the Hoops” game to create awareness on how we can modify games so our friends who can’t reach the height will get to enjoy and experience the game.

The children also baked their kindness cookie by indicating the different ways of showing kindness based on the coloured cereal pebbles they added (i.e. yellow for sharing)

One more thing, our theme is all about “Kindness is a gift that anyone can give” I think I should start wrapping my gift soon! See ya!

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