My First Skool @ Admiralty Link

My First Skool @ Admiralty Link Blk 491

My First Skool @ Admiralty Link
4 May

SSDB Launch Party 2021

My First Skool @ 491 Admiralty Link had our SSDB Launch Party on the 23rd April 2021. Through the launch, we had introduced the focus of ‘Let’s Care for Others!’; where children will take part in creating and maintaining positive ties with peers, family and the community.

As a start, children were introduced to what SSDB is all about through a slide sharing and answered some questions. Children were able to learn the good initiative that they will be a part of this year.

Children had participated in some team-building games, where they were able to develop appreciation and care towards their peers, also displaying teamwork. They had also decorated our centre’s banner by inputing some scenarios of how they can show kindness to others. 

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