Ms Claire

Little Woods Montessori Pre-School (SSDB)

Ms Claire
24 Apr 2021

SSDB Launch Party 2021

At Little Woods Montessori Pre-School, we instil the love for nature in our children. Earth Day is an annual event on 22nd April to demonstrate support for environmental protection. As we celebrated it this year, it reminded us that our planet Earth is important to us and that individual responsibility lies with each of us. On that day, the children discussed the impact of environmental factors affecting our planet Earth, such as pollution, rising sea level and deforestation. The children were anxious about the animals and their habitat. Current newspaper articles brought to our attention that the marine animals were suffering because of the trash that was not disposed of properly in the bins. The children thought of many ways on how we can make a change to our environment. Some of the suggestions included cleaning up beaches, reducing plastic, and recycling paper products to create new toys instead of buying new plastic toys.

With this initiative, we embarked on our SSDB 2021 project titled ‘My Ocean, My Responsibility. All the children at Little Woods Montessori Pre-School showed their appreciation for our planet by making Earth Day crafts. The K1 and K2 children brought items made out of recyclable materials for show and tell. They went home and encouraged their parents to reduce the use of plastic at home. They also became more aware of their role in playing a part to save our ocean animals. The nursery children learnt that loving and caring for our Earth will create a more wonderful place for us to live. Through this effort, we hope to make a difference in our community by making changes ourselves first.

Join us and see how our children learn to become responsible individuals for Earth - our home.

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