Khalsa Kindergarten

7 May 2019

SSDB Launch party - 2019 @ River Safari by Khalsa kindergarten - "Marine conservation"

Everyone was beaming with excitement during our SSDB Launch party at River Safari on the 25th of April 2019! This year, our school children are focusing and learning on how to care for the ocean and its inhabitants, ways to prevent marine pollution and save human food chain - Marine Conservation.

Prior to the launch, the Nursery and Kindergarten One children of Khalsa Kindergarten made a concerted effort to create the beautiful SSDB banner. The Nursery Two children were invited to create the backdrop for the banner. They painted the blue sea using balloon printing technique. The Kindergarten One children were involved in creating the sea creatures cut-out. Not forgetting our parents’ sheer enthusiasm in making the musical instruments using recycled materials which also highlighted our campaign for “Reduce, Recycle and Reuse plastics.

To kick start our SSDB project “Marine Conservation”, we partnered River Safari which provides the platform for children to be ocean advocates against plastic pollution and poaching. Our Principal Mdm Shanti was invited to inaugurate the launch at River Safari by unveiling the banner. Followed by that, the children presented a song that pledged to protect the marine lives. At the end of their performance, they children continued with their tour around River Safari. After getting an insight to the causes that endangered sea creatures such as dolphin, sharks, corals and sea turtle, the children pledged to be the ‘Guardian Of The Sea’ and protect marine lives.

It was indeed a great way to kick start our Start Small Dream Big Project this year.

With the slogan - “No one can do everything, but everyone can do something” - etched in our mind, we will move on towards the next leg of our project!

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