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29 Mar 2018

SSDB Launch @Mini World Child Care & Development Centre Pte Ltd

  1. This is the first year we embark on SSDB 2018 and we are excited and looking forwards to the Launch and the Activities. The parents are very supportive when we informed them about the SSDB project. We are motivated and believe it is a good start…….Here we go……

  2. The children had participated in a Community Carnival “Chai Chee Cares” on 11th March 2018 organised by PPIS Family Service Centre. It was a fruitful experience for our little ones. They have the opportunity to reach out to the community and perform a dance item for the neighbourhood residents.

We have planned our first SSDB 2018 project to start with “Act of Kindness”. We shall incorporate healthy eating into the “Act of Kindness “ Activities. The children are challenged to perform at least one random act of kindness in different areas: classroom, family, and community. They will prepare healthy snacks for the elderly when we visit the Elderly Centre.

Prior to the SSDB Launch, we will make beautiful hearts -shaped for children to colour and decorate ; the teachers and children can write inspiration and motivation words. On the day of the Launch 6th April 2018 @ 10.30 am the teachers and children take a walk together in the neighbourhood to give their heart-shaped card to any individual to spread words of kindness.

Last but not least, thankyou for reading and hope its spread kindness in our community as well as inspiring others to do the same.

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