E-Bridge Pre-School (116 Rivervale Drive)

28 May 2019

SSDB Launch Day- Food For Thought

As part of our efforts in being conscious of our actions, we inaugurated our SSDB project on Friday, 3 May 2019. Our objective of this project is to educate children and families on the consequences of food wastage and the advantages of preventing it. Thus, we are collaborating with The Food Bank Singapore to educate our community of children, families and teachers, on the consequences of food wastage and ways how to support the less fortunate families.

In preparation for our SSDB project, children learnt about families who may not be as fortunate as them. The children were also involved in a discussion on being thankful for their food and to avoid wastage. The children were involved in preparing the banner with the name of the project, ‘Food for Thought’ and drawings of their favourite food to be pasted on the banner.

On the launch day, Ms. Audrey, from The Food Bank Singapore was invited to share with the parents and children on the concerns of food wastage and what we can do about it. After the presentation, children and parents were involved in pasting some of the drawings of food on to the banner. Some children did the official unboxing of the SSDB package as well. To wrap up the launch, the children excitedly put on their SSDB hat and a group photo was taken. 

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