Nur Ashikin Binte Suldar

Agape Little Uni @ Commonwealth

Nur Ashikin Binte Suldar
15 Oct 2021


Our SSDB theme for this year: DRIP. DROP. STOP!

Our project aims to further raise awareness of saving water and energy conservation in children. Prior to the launch day, children were introduced on the theme through 2 celebrations.

On 22 March, children in Agape Little Uni. celebrated World Water Day. On this day, children learnt the different usage of water and pledge to save water by reciting the pledge (made as a school) together.

On 23 April, we celebrated Earth Day through various activities for children to understand the importance of energy conservation. We also participated in “Earth Hour” by switching off the lights and appreciating the natural sunlight from the sun and candles as we continued with pur activities.

On 31 May, we officially embarked our journey to this year’s SSDB theme: DRIP. DROP. STOP!

Children of different classes came together to create a standee slogan and other decoratives in relation to our SSDB theme.

DRIP. DROP. STOP! We pledge to do our part in saving water and conserving energy for a better future.

“Conservation is humanity caring for the future.” - Nancy Newhall

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