Xu Huiqi

Skool4Kidz Punggol Waterway Banks

Xu Huiqi
24 Apr

SSDB Launch 2022 @ Skool4kidz Waterway Banks

On 22nd April, our children celebrated SSDB Launch cum Earth day in animals outfit! 

Our K1s initiated photoshoot ideas and poses as we kickstart the project. They were introduced to the mammal - Sea Otter and were intrigued by its characteristics. Through the video observation of marine conservation, children raised questions on how they can help the sea creatures to live in a clean habitat. Children were engaged in group discussion on the animals that live in the neighbourhood Punggol Waterway Park as they headed outdoor. Children finalised the party by requesting to illustrate their favourite sea creature that they had seen in the video earlier.

Our K2s began the launch by taking group photos with props provided like animal soft toys and teacher made SSDB fans.

Our K2s were then introduced to a video on endangered wildlife in the world. They were now aware that the term ‘endangered’ meant the animals are in danger of becoming lesser. Besides getting to know animals which had been extinct, they also discovered species which were endangered. They found out reasons of being endangered were mainly caused by human’s doings such as poaching, deforestation, over consumption of energy resulting in climate change, mishandling of rubbish that caused pollution, etc.

After the video session, we went deeper into discussion of why common animals like tiger, pangolin, elephant and orang-utan were in danger of disappearing as well as solutions of how they could help these endangered animals. Actually, it was at our fingertips: save the earth with 3Rs, consume/use lesser animal products. 

Our K2s proceeded to design their ‘Little Rescuers’ activity sheet by drawing their facial features on the template of explorer picture. Then, they wrote their pledge on how to save the wildlife.

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