Piana Mark Aljon Acosta

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Kebun Baru Blk 172 (CC)

Piana Mark Aljon Acosta
8 Jun

SSDB Launch 2021: Heroes of Cleaner and Greener Singapore

One of the centre’s goals is to provide quality programme to develop children holistically. 

This year the children will persevere to be “Heroes of Cleaner and Greener Singapore” as part of the SSDB Project.

The project was officially launched on the 20th of April 2021 aimed for our children to develop sense of responsibility towards nature.

 It will inculcate values such as love and care by keeping the environment clean. In addition, children’s creativity will be fostered by learning different ways to recycle.

Various activities will be planned in order to attain success which includes planting, recycling, cleaning and others. 

To ensure quality programme, learning experiences will be aligned and be guided by the ITEACH principle. Furthermore, the school will collaborate with different agencies such as Garden’s by the bay, NEA, Nparks and a lot more.

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