Nur Izzah Zarifah Binte Ridwan

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Canberra Blk 413 (CC)

Nur Izzah Zarifah Binte Ridwan
25 Oct 2021

SSDB Launch 2021: Friends All Around

30 April 2021

This year, we decided to focus on the theme “Friends All Around”. The main goal of our SSDB project this year was to inculcate care, respect and appreciation for their “Friends All Around” despite their differences. 

For our launch party, the children made cards for one another to show appreciation for their friends. 

Children making cards for their friends

Exchanging and showing the cards they received

After the activity, the children were encouraged to ponder about friends from outside our centre who have different abilities. Teachers read a book titled “My Special Needs Family” where children learnt a little about autism. 

Reading “My Special Needs Family”

They also watched videos published by Sharity Elephant on YouTube regarding others with physical disabilities. From there, they completed the “I see, I feel, I wonder” chart.

Sharing their “I see, I feel, I wonder” chart

The adventure continues as the children begin to wonder more about their friends with these different abilities. They were curious to learn more and eager to forge friendships with them!

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