My First Skool @ Alkaff Crescent

18 Sep 2023

SSDB Journal My First Skool @ Alkaff Crescent - Beach Clean Up (24 June)

During our June Holidays, children and parents were invited to join the school to do a beach clean-up at Pasir Ris Park. Despite the hot weather, our little beach rangers were all ready and eager to find the ‘treasures’ along the coastal trails and to our surprise, we spotted many of it near the waters, all caused by human actions! 

From plastic wrappers and styrofoam boxes to detergent bottles and even yoga mat, there were tons of rubbish collected as each family came back with a filled pail of rubbish inside! Children were also encouraged to draw and write out the items that they have found, so that we can create a table to see which items were commonly found. 

We would also like to specially give thanks to NEA as well as the CleanPod organisation for providing us with the tools such as pails and tongs, encouraging the public to reuse them for future beach clean-up activities so that we do not add on the waste collection! 

After the children and parents were done with the ‘mission’, they had a short picnic with the other families by sitting on their own picnic mats and enjoying the refreshments provided. Each family was also awarded a certificate each to commemorate their achievements for playing a part in saving our Mother Earth and successfully becoming a beach ranger!

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