My First Skool @ Alkaff Crescent

18 Sep 2023

SSDB Journal My First Skool @ Alkaff Crescent - Family Day Upcycling Carnival (26 May)

During our first family day here at AKC, children and parents were cordially invited to a fun upcycling carnival. Each family had a wonderful bonding time through the fun games specially set up, including Pom Pom transfer, Ring Toss and 3-Legged Race.

Prior to the event, parents were encouraged to donate 2 pre-loved items from home, such as toys or books. These items were then upcycled during family day, as families were given the opportunitiy to select two items to bring home to play or read. This allows childen and parents to experience and learn the value of giving and sharing with others, through upcycling their old reusable items from home.

It was a successful event as children were happy with their ‘new’ toys and books that they get to bring home, while parents had an amazing time with their little ones!

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