Toh Yu Xuan

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse @ Cactus

Toh Yu Xuan
8 Jul

SSDB: Giving back to the community

For the annual Start Small Dream Big project, our school has partnered with ‘Food From The Heart’, a nonprofit organisation that provides food for the less fortunate and lower income families. To kickstart our SSDB project, the children were introduced to the FFTH organisation and how they could help the community by donations and volunteering. 

Children and their families were encouraged to donate different kinds of foods that will be sent to a community shop, these include cooking oil, rice, and tinned meat. Each class was provided boxes and cards as the children were encouraged to decorate the boxes and write out words of encouragement for the people they will be donating to. 

Afterwards, the children were involved in the packing process as they took turns arranging the goods into the boxes for delivery. 

Additionally, some parents and children had volunteered to deliver care packages to households that were provided by FFTH. This gave both parents and children a chance to bond and understand food insecurity that was present in our community.

We would like to take the time to thank and appreciate all participants and volunteers for their kind donations and contributions, this project could not have happened without the support and help of all parents and children. Thank you!

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