Aqilah Sharafanah

MOE Kindergarten @ Fernvale

Aqilah Sharafanah
21 Sep

SSDB Finale & Reflection

On the final day of our SSDB Project, we watched a video that was compiled by one of our teachers, of our journey throughout this SSDB project. We talked and discussed about our favourite parts doing this project and things we wished we could have done, if it had not been for the COVID-19 restrictions, i.e. having a tour at the stations and meeting the staff in person to present the token of appreciation. 

After reflecting on our project, the children documented it on their SSDB journal and took turns to share their thoughts and favourite moments with their friends and teachers. We have reiterated that, even without the orange hats, the children can continue with their act of kindness towards the community. 

Thank you SSDB organisers, staff of SMRT and SBS, parents, friends, and teachers for this opportunity! We learnt a lot and we hope that our efforts won’t stop here. May you be appreciated and loved by all for all that you do. We ‘Wheelie’ Appreciate You!

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