Nur Ellyna Binte Rosli

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Sengkang West Blk 416A (DS)

Nur Ellyna Binte Rosli
17 Oct 2019

SSDB Finale Flea Market

Its too soon to say goodbye but this is our final SSDB project for this year. Nontheless we are already started planning for a more fruitful SSDB journey next year.

Last but not least, we have decided to collaborate with President Challenge 2019. We proposed a Flea Market in our own centre selling recycleable items such as toys, books, clothes and food. We want our children to have a fair share of what their friends had before. Books, clothing and toys that are still in mint condition abling others to have their turn to read, wear and play.

Teachers behind the scene, setting up the booths.

So our flea market consists of 3 different sections which is children’s booth, teacher’s booth and parent’s booth. Children’s booth are dsiplaying donated items from parents while teacher’s booth are displaying donated items from teachers and parents booth are displaying items donated from parents.

The layout of Finale Flea Market.

Good Food donated by our generous parents.

During the flea market, we had alot of suppprtive parents from our centre who came down to support our fundraising.

Children and teachers can be seen engaged in doing the soft selling.

We ‘employed’ some children to sit with us as the cashier.

Through this project, we want our children to value their friendship, and to share with others what they had before. For example books that they have finished reading, they could always give it to others to read it and toys that they already bored with they can give it to others. Share the joy, share the fun!

We achieved the targetted amount and all proceeds go to President Challenge 2019.

We would like to send out gratitudes to our supportive parents from the support group to come down, make time and help througout this flea market. To all who have donated thier items and the food too!

Last but not least to teachers and children for their hardwork!


Another successful project!


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