Viola Tan Han Hui

My First Skool @ Jurong West Blk 648C

Viola Tan Han Hui
30 Oct 2020

SSDB Finale 2020 Ceremony

To wrap up the end of our SSDB journey, we would like to give special thanks to the organiser for the bags of goodies distributed to the children! 

The items distributed to the children were so practical and it was absolutely a good chance to educate the children on making good uses of the items. For example, the washable cutlery is a very good example of educating children to reduce on the usage of plastic cutleries when they dine outside with their families. When they bring the washable cutlery set out, it is also a good opportunity for children to learn how to take proper care of their own belongings by washing them after use. In a way, it is caring for the environment as well.

Another practical and useful item would be the mask - which is crucial this season for the ongoing covid situation. This will encourage children to put on their masks diligently to protect themselves this season!

It was indeed a meaningful & significant journey for the children as they took part in this Service Learning Project. From small steps, they took to learn how to care for the community, the environment as well as the people around them. 

We’re very thankful for this great opportunity to educate children on how to do their parts to love the environment. 

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