Nur Ashikin Binte Suldar

Agape Little Uni @ Commonwealth

Nur Ashikin Binte Suldar
15 Oct 2021

SSDB Finale

As our SSDB project coming to an end, we pledge for water and energy conservation. As we pledge towards making positive changes, children of Agape Little Uni @ Commonwealth have decided to make a personalised handmade clay keychains to spread the awareness of preserving our natural resources.

We launched the sale of our handmade keychains by advertising them through our facbook page. Forms were made online for easy access for parents who were interested in buying. All proceeds will go towards the President’s Challenge.

Our personalised handmade keychain sample for advertising .

The response were overwhelming! Many parents have shown their support in purchasing our handmade clay keychains. Children worked hard in making the keychains with teacher assistance.

Check out the process creating our own handmade clay keychains done by our children!

Children were seen focusing in creating our homemade keychains.

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