Mitzi Cheah Ying

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Ayer Rajah-Gek Poh Blk 48 (DS)

Mitzi Cheah Ying
6 Jul

SSDB Collaborative Banner 2021

During June holidays, the children worked together to create a collaborative banner for SSDB 2021. Children and teachers of every level participated in completing the banner.

TT Smile

Children from our toddler class decided to do hand printing to outline the sides of our banner. They worked together to complete the overall outline of the banner.

N1 Kindness

Children from N1 decided to decorate the base of the banner by doing spray painting. All children were given different coloured spray bottles of paint to spray around the white banner, colouring it with different colours.

N2 Happy

Children from N1 decided to fill the banner with the tagline “Stay Connected, Make a Difference” . Children used paint to fill the letters drawn by their class teacher. They filled it with different colored paints.

K1 Honest

Children from K1 decided to use paint to draw to decorate the banner. They filled the banner with beautiful paintings with different colors on their own.

K2 Caring 

Children from K2 helped to decorate the overall banner and made it beautiful with their ideas and touch using different materials. 

All the children worked together as one to create the banner as one school !

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