Cheryl Lin

My First Skool @ Blk 153 Bishan

Cheryl Lin
28 Sep

SSDB 2022: Marine Conservation: “Charity Art Auction”

For this year’s SSDB, our center has chosen the category, “Caring for animals: Marine Conservation”.

We conducted a launch party for SSDB, on the 13th of May. The children participated and came to school dressed in their sea creature costumes. The teachers prepared activities and games for the children. We discussed with the children the importance of Marine conservation and sustainability. In connection with the theme, the teachers introduced the Charity art auction to the children and parents.

Between May to September, the teachers planned and created the art activities with the children. With the theme sustainability and marine conservation, the children created sea creature artwork using recyclable materials such as cardboard, plastic bottles, caps, recycled papers, plastic bowls and etc. The artworks were in 3 categories: individual, small group, and class. We encouraged the parents to bid on their children’s artwork with the items requested by our chosen community partner, Ling Kwang Homes and Bishan Home. All the proceeds will be donated to the community partner.

We conducted the Charity Art Auction on the 24th of September via Zoom. Parents and children attended the art auction event and bidded on the items requested in exchange for the artwork. The parents brought to the school all the items that will be donated to Ling Kwang Home and Bishan Home.

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