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27 Sep 2022

SSDB 2022: Caring for our Community

The Little Talents had the SSDB launch party on 8th June and our theme for this year is “Caring for our Community”.

During the Launch party, we had a recap on our last year’s SSDB project. When the theme for this year was revealed, the children brainstormed on ways that they can show care and contribute back to the community.

The children took a pledge too.

Through the discussions, we have decided to gift care packs to our community helpers to thank them for their contribution. We informed our school’s parents about our project and invited them to donate healthier choice snacks for the care pack.

The children made “Thank you” cards too.

The children packed the snacks and the card that they have made into individual care pack.

The children went out to gift the care packs to the community helpers around us like the security guards, bus drivers and etc…

We hope you like the care packs that we have prepared. ❤️

For the remaining care packs, the children packed them into boxes that they have decorated and the teachers gave the boxes of care packs to the nearby supermarket, bus interchange and community centre. 

To all our community helpers, thank you for your contribution to our community!

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